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Signal Service

FXtrek has years of experience with signal services. If you have a system you wish to be broadcast to your client base, we can code and integrate into our software for you.

We offer both Client-side and Server-side Signal-based services. Below is a description of each service.

Client-side Signals

FXtrek will take your customized strategy and integrate it into the charting software using the IntelliScript, our proprietary scripting language. We will pre-attach your company's specific IntelliScript strategies to the IntelliChart for only your users to see and use. And of course we will hide the IntelliScript syntax from your end-users. We normally refer to such a setup as "Client-version Signals". These signals (including historical signals) are generated on the end-user's computer when the user opens the chart. Since Client-side signals are generated on each user's computer, they often are not identical among the users because different users open the chart (therefore start the calculation for the Client-side signals) at different time.

Server-side Signals

FXtrek will take your customized strategies and integrate them into the IntelliScript, our proprietary scripting language. Server-side Signals are generated by the IntelliScript customized strategies on a dedicated server housed at FXtrek.com's headquarters. This dedicated server first generates the signals just like the Client-side signals, locally on one computer in-house at FXtrek. Then, this computer writes the generated signals to a database and the database in-turn will send out the signals, all in real-time. Each of your clients will receive signals directly from the database. This eliminates the discrepancy associated with the Client-side Signals because only one computer is generating the signals. In addition, with the server-side version we can offer the ability to use the SMS system. Since the signals are sent to a database, we know are given the opportunity to set up a dedicated server to send out email alerts to your client base. We can build an interface for you to sign your clients up for the sms service.

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