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Here is just a small sampling of what our highly satisfied clientele are saying about the IntelliChart™ products:

M.Ashton (Queensland, Australia)
I have been using IntelliChart Desktop as a full time FX trader for 7 years. It is simply the best charting package I have been able to find. Quick and easy with the clearest charts. Reliable, accurate data and good support.

A.Pobjoy (Geneva, Switzerland)
I have been using IntelliChart Desktop since 2004 and never looked back. It is the most comprehensive FX charting software available.

N.Rougier (London, UK)
I keep scouring around the market through MetaTrader, Netdania and loads of charting packages but continue to be hopeless at locating anything as remotely user-friendly and clear as FXtrek. And I only use some of the features.

T.Allred (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
I have been using FXtrek and IntelliCharts for 4 years. If you demand performance and advanced functionality from your charting software, FXtrek's IntelliChart charting package is second to none! I have used many other advanced charting packages and found IntelliCharts to be the only company able to deliver the features and options I needed from my charts... FXtrek's support team has always been a tremendous help to me in providing timely responses to all my questions. They have showed an eager willingness to provide any support that was required... FXtrek has taken large strides in making their products and services among the top in the industry. I attribute this to highly competent programming team and Executive management committing to being the best!... FXtrek has gone out of their way to accommodate me in finding solutions to all my programming needs. They are happy to receive suggestions and future enhancement ideas. In a market where virtually everyone seems to be the opposition, I can only say it is a pleasure to have FXtrek on my team. Thanks for your continued support!

T.Blake (Surrey, UK)
IntelliCharts save me time every day even when I am not trading. The custom alert scripts send messages to my email to let me know of any technical events I choose. Being able to set up groups of charts which are always remembered and easily backed up and moved between my main trading station and laptop is very efficient. To note I have about 40 groups of charts which enables much faster consumption of information. Another benefit is saving of chart templates so you can quickly switch between technical views... All in all I think this is a great way to save money trading by saving time and enabling better decision making. Thanks.

P.Conway (Palm Harbor, Florida, USA)
I have used the FXtrek Desktop IntelliCharts for the past 5 years. In my opinion they are the best in the Foreign Exchange Industry. The charts are very user-friendly. I like the ability to set-up the charts to my personal preference and being able to save my personal settings for easy referencing. I also like the ability to choose from different data feeds. The charts have the ability to export historical data which has helped me greatly backtesting different strategies. If I ever had any questions about the charts, FXtrek's customer support was always helpful and knowledgeable. I can not say enough good things about FXtrek's charts. They are great!

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