Available Historical Data

You can review Historical Data by clicking on the Charts Time Scale & Period menu option. From there a drop down menu will appear with numerous options for going back in time.

If you require data that goes back in time farther then the default Time Scales available, then you can utilize the Custom and Advanced Custom tools.

The Charts allow for generating historical data using the Custom... and Advanced Custom tools located under "Time Scale & Period" within each chart. Custom loads hourly data and Advanced Custom loads hourly as well as other smaller intraday increments (Advanced custom data is not available for the current or previous day). The available historical intraday data goes back as far as January 2, 2003 and daily data goes back as far as 10-years. Should you need data beyond that we can suggest that you can try contacting a broker or datafeed provider directly to see if they can sell you such data.

*Note: We generally recommend using the Custom and Advanced Custom tools for reference purposes only since these tools may use an aggregate feed, rather then the exact feed from your broker.

Although this aggregate feed for Custom and Advanced Custom data has most of the currency pairs, it is still possible that we do not have all the historical data for some less used currency pairs. For the cross currency that data is not update frequently, at times you might see the data is not showing up.


Gathering Historical Data

Here are direction on how to use the Custom¡­ and Advanced Custom tools.


Exporting Historical Data

Important Note: Though the option to export historical data exists, the Charts are not designed to export large amounts of data. Exporting large amounts of data can lead to the Charts becoming unresponsive while exporting this data. In extreme cases, your computer may also become unresponsive. This may result in missed signals on the Charts and/or limited functionality of other applications on your computer. Exporting large blocks of data require vast amounts of computer resources. Since computer specifications will vary, there is no set minimum or maximum amount of data that can be identified for an export session. For example, from our test results, using 5-minute data from 10/06 to 10/07, it took over an hour to export. Previously management blocked the exporting of Advanced Custom data due to the unpredictable nature of this export tool. We suggest exporting smaller periods, such as one or two months at a time, or using the export data tool from the Chart's regular time scales and periods.

Once you have loaded your historical data using Custom or Advanced Custom, you can now export the data gathered data. There are a few different way to export this historical data:

The exported Historical Data will include the Date, Time, Open, High, Low and Close for each pair. After gathering the Historical Data, you can add indicators to the chart and export their historical values as well!