File offers a drop down menu to change symbols and launch separate charts.


Change Symbol


Launch New Chart


Print Chart

Due to the security restriction on Java, the only way to print a chart is by using the built-in screenshot functionality in your operating system. Follow these instructions to print the chart:

Printing a Screenshot:

You might want to print these instructions before starting.

  1. On your keyboard, Hold down the ALT key and press the Print Screen key (may be labeled PrtSc OR PrtScn) at the same time.
  2. On your computer screen, with your mouse, click on the "Start" button, a menu will appear, choose "Run" from this Start menu.
  3. Type pbrush.exe and press Enter or OK to start Windows' built-in Paintbrush program.
  4. The program will open. From the menu bar at the top chose "Edit", then from the drop down menu, choose "Paste". If the program asks you about enlarging the bitmap, select "Yes".
  5. Next, select File, then from the drop down menu select the Print command to send the image to your printer.


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