Feature Menu

The Feature menu is the access point to the chart's analysis tools and technical indicators. To learn more about each Menu item listed in the image above, click on the corresponding item as listed in the Table of Contents to the left.



The Toolbar is a group of icons that act as short cuts to frequently used features. Here is a listing of what each icon does:


Real-time Status Bar

The Real-time Status Bar combines the Traffic Light with a data feed status clock and a chronometry clock. The data feed clock will change every time the chart receives new data. Use this Status Bar to insure that the data is arriving in real-time and is live. The chronometry clock is strictly for reference, just so you can see the time of day and the time zone in which the chart is being transmitted.

Time zones/clock Information:

By default Charts will choose New York time. The charts are synchronized to match the time from this site:

To change the time zone in the software to the local time zone, you must log out and log back in again to the software. When you log in again, on the login screen select the option, "Local Time". Then when you login, the software retrieves the local time zone information from the user's (your) local computer.



The Y-axis value, on the right side of the chart, is the exchange rate of the symbols selected.

You can also adjust the y-axis. To adjust y-axis:

  1. Once you click on the y-axis toolbar button you will see, four arrows on the chart. If you click on the outside arrows you will be able to resize the y-axis.
  2. If you wish to return the y-axis to it original state, click on the two inner arrows until they cannot be pressed any more. This will resize the chart back to the original size.



The X-axis, just below the chart, displays the date and time. As you change the Time Scale & Period, both date and time will adjust accordingly.


Information Bar

Below the X-axis is a series of boxes that make up the Information Bar. The Information Bar provides all chart data in a numeric form.

Figure A: Information Bar


Launch and Enlarge Chart

The icon enables you to detach a chart so it stands alone. This detached chart can be left open while you use other features. Once you detach the chart, you can enlarge the chart, by resizing the window.