If you are experiencing technical difficulties with features, read though this troubleshooting section. Here, a number of problems are presented with corresponding solutions.


Download Sun Java
For ALL Windows users:
You should upgrade your Java before using the chart. This upgrade process will take you less than 5 minutes and will improve your web browser's performance when running Java applets. To upgrade or download & install Sun Microsystems Java, please visit this web address then click on the "Download Now" button:

After this is downloaded and installed please restart your computer. Once your computer has rebooted, to access the charts, please double-click on the icon for the IntelliChart™ Desktop, located on your computer's desktop.

The following Microsoft Windows service packs are required in order for the latest Sun Java to run successfully.

Microsoft Windows XP - SP1 or newer
Microsoft Windows 2000 - SP3 or newer

To download the latest service pack for your computer, please visit:

Browser Upgrade:
For your browser upgrade on Internet Explorer, access the link:
For your browser upgrade on Netscape, you can access this link:


Login Difficulties

This section is broken down into two different parts, one is for those client using the Online product and are having trouble accessing the online product, while the other is dedicated to those clients using the Desktop software, and are encountering difficulty when trying to access the Desktop software.


Loading Issues: Online clients

If you are an Online charting client and are have trouble loading the Charts, please read on.