The Options menu is allows you to customize various aspects of the software globally. When you make changes here it will affect all charts and groups. Here is a list of the tabs and a breakdown of what each tab in the Options menu will allow you to do.



The General tab is broken down into 4 sections, General, Groups, IntelliScript™, and Charts. By clicking with your mouse in the boxes you can add/ remove the check mark to enable and disable the features. Here is a listing of all of the options you can adjust, enable/disable from this General tab, and below the list we have broken down what each feature does:

  • General: Auto Login
    Enable Group Auto Save
  • Groups: Enable Group Auto Save
  • IntelliScript™: Show Price Alert on Chart
    Price Alert: Set to Alert First Instance Only
    Auto Re-generate Historical Alerts
    Enable Popup Window for Custom Alert
    Only one Entry/Exit per Price bar
    Charts: Enable Y-Axis Fixed Scale
    Enable Grid Lines: Horizontal
    Enable Grid Lines: Vertical
    Extend Trend Line
    Hide Flat Data Line (Requires Restart)
    Enable Freeze Line Position when Adding Line
    Trend Line Markers: Show End Points
    Disable Display Data from left mouse click
    Disable Calendar Day Marker:
    Pivot Calculator: Show Mid-Point Lines
    Pivot Calculator: Show Pivot Line
    Trend Line: Auto-remove out of range line(s)
    Identify Bar Color by Close if close < or > (H +L)/2
    Enable Extra Decimal Place on Prices (for fractional pips)
    Extend X-axis by :_____ Bar/Candle
    Day Marker Time:_____ :00:00
  • General: Auto Login: Next time you log out and then click on the icon to access the software, you will skip the login screen and instead the software will automatically launch.
    Disable Auto Login: In order to disable the Auto-Login feature, please login to the software then follow these instructions:
    1. Go to charting software's main menu and select "Settings".
    2. Then select "Options..."
    3. When the ˇ°Optionsˇ­ˇ± pop-window opens, be sure you are on the tab labeled "General" and un-check "Auto Login". This will disable auto login for the next time you access the charting software.
    Auto Start DDE: Next time you log out and then log in again, when all of your groups and settings are being loaded, the DDE tool will also launch, though be sure that you open Excel first so the DDE tool can correctly function.
  • Groups: Enable Group Auto Save: You no longer have to remember to save your Groups, with this enabled, all of your groups will be saved by default every 5 minutes and then again automatically when you log out of the software.
  • IntelliScript™: Show Price Alert on Chart: This will display arrows on the chart to indicate visually when a price alert is achieved.
    Price Alert: Set to Alert First Instance Only: Will only generate an alert the first time the criterion of the syntax is reached, but will still display each buy/sell on the chart.
    Auto Re-generate Historical Alerts: This option will automatically generate historical alerts for any syntax drafted and added to a chart.
    Enable Popup Window for Custom Alert: When your custom alerts criterion is met, a pop-up widow will appear on your computer's monitor.
    Only one Entry/Exit per Price bar: This will limit the alert you receive to only once per price bar if an entry or exit is met.
  • Charts: Enable Y-Axis Fixed Scale: When you enable this setting, the software will ˇ®mark' the chart's current price and use that as the fix point for the y-axis. This means as the price fluctuates up or down, the range of the chart will always include that initial price.
    Enable Grid Lines: Horizontal: You can add or take away horizontal gridlines within the chart by enabling/disabling this feature.
    Enable Grid Lines: Vertical: You can add or take away vertical gridlines within the chart by enabling/disabling this feature.
    Extend Trend Line: You can use this if you wish a trend line that you have drawn to extend beyond the initial two points you used to draw the line. To disable the extension of trendlines, please follow these steps:
    1. Open the Desktop charting's Main window.
    2. At the top, select, "Settings".
    3. Then choose "Options..." and select the tab labeled, "General".
    4. On the right side of this window, you will see that "Extend Trend Line" is enabled (should be a little check mark in the box). Simply remove that check mark and this will disable that feature. Click "OK" to save this setting adjustment.
    Hide Flat Data Line (Requires Restart): During the weekend hours, if the datafeed you use closes, then there will be a flat line on the charts to represent the lack of new data coming through to the charts. This allow s you to hide this flat-line data, so the charts will appear to go seamlessly from Friday's close to Sunday's open.
    Enable Freeze Line Position when Adding Line: By default any line you add to the charts can be moved and adjusted. If however you prefer to keep the lines stationary, especially when adding new lines, then you can use this feature to freeze all lines added to the charts.
    Trend Line Markers: Show End Points: Enable this in order to visually see the end points of the trendlines drawn on the charts.
    Disable Display Data from left mouse click: By default when you left click on the charts, the display data widow will appear, this will disable the Display Data window.
    Disable Calendar Day Marker: This will remove the daily markers from the X-axis.
    Pivot Calculator: Show Mid-Point Lines: Select this to show the Midpoint of the pivot lines on the charts.
    Pivot Calculator: Show Pivot Line Select this to show the Pivot lines on the charts.
    Trend Line: Auto-remove out of range line(s): Trend lines drawn on the charts have a start point and end point so they can be referenced easily. The start and end points are specific values (if you go to delete Trend Lines from the drawing menu, you will see the start and end point values of the lines). As new data comes in and the chart progresses forward, Trend Lines will eventually move out of range on the chart. By default, the feature to automatically remove the Trend Lines once out of range is enabled. If you need to reference these older lines again then you can disable this option.
    Identify Bar Color by Close if close < or > (H +L)/2: Enable this if you wish to change all charts such that they display the charts bars/candles based on if the close is greater then or less then the high plus the low divided by 2.
    Enable Extra Decimal Place on Prices (for fractional pips): Some datafeeds offer fractional pips. If the feed you are using offers fractional pips when this is enabled a 5th decimal place will appear as a fractional pip.
    Extend X-axis by: Bar/Candle: This allows you to extend the space on the right side of the chart. Simply extend the X-axis by selecting a number of bars/candles, then the chart will shift to the right.
    Day Marker Time: :00:00: The Day Marker on the X-axis is set to mark 00:00, however if you wish to change that, for example to 17:00, then enter 17 in the blank space. Once applied, the date that appears on the X-axis will shift to appear each day at 17:00.



    On this screen you can:

    Fibonacci Retracement default levels are set at 38.2%, 50%, and 61.8%, listed under Value 1.

    To keep the default settings, leave the values for "Value 1" unchanged.

    If you want to add another set of retracements, change the values listed for the column labeled "Value 2". You can add up to 12 Fibonacci Retracement lines per each set of values. Note if the value is set to ¨C1.0, then no line will appear on the charts.

    To change the colors of the retracement lines, select the drop-down arrows next to the colors on each line.

    Once you save these settings, to switch to the custom values that you have created in "Value 2", right-click in the chart where you would like to draw the Fibonacci Lines, select "Switch Default Fibonacci Settings" and choose "Fibonacci Set 2". Then draw your Fibonacci Retracements.



    The screen allows you to adjust various font options throughout the software.



    Please click here to learn all about how to Import and Export Groups as well as how to adjust Groups in your Preload list.



    Print lets you adjust the settings of how you send the print request of the charts to your printer.


    Color Scheme

    You may want to adjust the look of the charts by adjusting the colors, this menu allows you to adjust almost every aspect of the charting color. Here is a detailed breakdown of how to use the many options on this screen.

    Note: You can also launch this menu by either going to the chart's "View" menu and select "Compose Color Scheme" or right click in the charts and select "Color Scheme", a pop up menu will appear allowing you to customize the charts even further.


    Datafeed (for Interactive Data Corp. feed only)

    Not all charting software includes this Tab, called "Datafeed". If your software includes the Interactive Data Corp. datafeed, and you are logged into the software using the Interactive Data Corp. datafeed, then you will see this menu item.

    Interactive Data Corp. (http://www.interactivedata.com) is a datafeed aggregator. It aggregates several bank's feed. Interactive Data Corp. also carries 100's of crosses, while other datafeed providers are often market makers and only carry the crosses they trade. In addition you may see some trading activity over the weekend with an aggregate feed like Interactive Data Corp.