IntelliReport™ allows you to review and analyze your trades using a wide array of tools. Once IntelliReport opens, notice the 3 tabs: Trade P&L Line, Trade List and Trade Analysis. Each one of these offers a slightly different methodology for analyzing your trades. Also for quick reference to your recent trade and results, you can check out the Strategy and Summary windows on the left side of the IntelliReport window. IntelliReport is a great aid for reviewing:


Main Menu


Strategy & Summary


Trade P&L Line

By default, IntelliReport will open to the Trade P&L Line graph. This graph displays the Profit/Loss in pips (on the Y-Axis) against the total number of trades placed (X-Axis), giving you the ability to visualize how much you theoretically won/lost.


Trade List

The Trade List tab is a detailed log of each transaction made during the test/trading session. You can also use the Trade List tab to go back a view the values of various indicators and functions at the time of each entry/exit point. This can help you refine your trading strategies. By default, the Trade List tab provides the following information on each trade:

Ticket No: Number of positions opened during this test/session.

Type: Notes the kind of position opened.

Trade Time: Date and time the trade was placed.

Trade Price: Rate at which the position was opened.

Lots (K): Lot size of the position opened represented in thousands.

P/L: Profit or Loss for that particular trade.

Tot_PL: Running Profit or Loss of all previous trades combined.

Drawdown: The maximum accumulated loss during a losing streak.

Indicator/Function Column (not visible until Add Indicator/Functions): Here is where you can add an indicator or function to the trade list. Once added, these indicators/functions will appear in a new column on the Trade List and will be included when exporting a Trade List. You can also view valuable entry/exit information for all winners and losers in relation to the values of these indicators/functions on the Trade Analysis tab.


Trade Analysis

Trade Analysis breaks down all trades into three categories: All Trades, Winners, and Losers in three separate columns allowing you to analyze each by the following:

Total Number of Trades: Number of positions opened.

Average Trade Net Profit (pips): The average number of pips gained per trade.

Average Time in Trades (bars): The average number of bars a trade was open.

Average run-up (pips): Average gains during a winning streak in pips.

Average drawdown (pips): Average losses during a losing streak in pips.

Entry Efficiency: How well positions were opened, based on entire test/trading session.

Exit Efficiency: How well positions were closed, based on entire test/trading session.

Trade Efficiency: How well each trade captured the maximum profit.

Indicator/Function Section (not visible until Indicators/Functions are added to Trade List): This section is broken down into winners and losers. Here is where you see the indicator/functions average value at each entry/exit point. This can help to refine your strategy so you know the best place to get in and then get out.