Add Indicators


Remove Indicators

To remove all indicators at the same time, select "Indicators." Then, at the bottom of the list of indicators, click on the "Clear All Indicators."

There are 2 easy ways to remove indicators individually:


Change Indicator Color

You can easily change indicator colors.


Change Indicator Channel

It is easy to overlay indicators, or separate out indicators. This is available only for the lower selection of indicators. Keep in mind that certain indicators rely on different numeric scales for calculation, and therefore cannot be generated simultaneously.


Set Crossover Alert with Indicators

You can set up an alert to let you know when two different indicators intersect; this would be a Crossover Alert.

Here is an example to help explain the steps in setting a Crossover alert.

Disclaimer: The following examples do not reflect real trade strategies. They are designed for syntax demonstration purpose only.

Example: I want the chart to alert me when 5-period EMA crosses with the 10-period EMA on the EUR/USD 5-minute 5-hour chart.

  1. Add both the 5-period EMA and 10-period EMA indicators on the EUR/USD 5-minute 5-hour chart.

    Use your mouse to left click on the colored square, located to the left of the EMA(5), as shown in Figure 1 Set Cross Over Alert. Then click on option "Set Cross Over Alert with". You will see a menu offering a choice of indicators that are actively on the chart for which you can choose one to be used in a crossover alert/signal. Select EMA(10) in this case. See Figure 1 Set Crossover alert image below.

    Figure 1. Set Crossover alert.

  2. The IntelliScript™ feature will pop up with the cross over syntax already in place in the Expression box, see Figure 2. Apply Crossover Alert.

  3. You can enter a name for this IntelliScript™ next to the box "Name:" For example, we have entered "EMA Crossover" in the screenshot below.

  4. Now you will to activate and apply this IntelliScript™ Crossover Alert by attaching it to the EUR/USD 5-minute 5-hour Data Series. Select "EUR/USD(5-min. 5-hr.)" next to the "Attach" button if this is not already selected. Click on the "Attach" button. Please check the bottom left corner of the IntelliScript™ window to see the Status of your actions. You will need to wait until this Status bar reads: "Calculation is complete. The script is attached to the chart." Once you see this, you can close the IntelliScript™ feature by clicking on the "Close" button.

    Figure 2. Apply Crossover Alert.

    To delete this alert, click on the name "EMA Crossover" on the chart and select "Delete".


Available Indicators